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Pink Sugar

Welcome to unSCHugared™

unSCHugared treats are are made with the freshest of high-quality ingredients.

We don't skimp on the SCHwank around here. Our no sugar added chocolate is imported from Sweden. Your treats may contain all or some of the following: almond milk, heavy cream, grass-fed butter, whole eggs, cream cheese, nut flours (almond, coconut, pecan, pistachio, and/or sunflower seed), and sweeteners (Monkfruit, allulose, erythritol, and/or Boca sweet).

WARNING: Eat in moderation as some alternative sweeteners may cause tummy troubles when consumed in high amounts.

And if you have tree nut allergies please do not consume any of these treats.

Advanced notice is required for orders; 2-3 week's notice is best.

Assorted paks start at $40.00 and will contain 6-8, unSCHugared™ treats, Baker's choice.

 Local Las Vegas, NV delivery is available. And yes, sometimes they are shippable! Worth the ask in your inquiry. Below are some examples you may enjoy in your paks.

Let’s have some fun. 702.551.CAKE (2253) or Contact Us Here



The cousin to our original Munchies, the SCHmoreo. Dark chocolate cookie base topped with sugar-free caramel, no added sugar dark chocolate, and chopped sugar-free peanut butter pattie.



Unbelievably fluffy sugar-free marshmallows. Flayvah shown – brown butter and chocolate. These are great alone or pair well with a keto hot chocolate. Other occasional flayvahs are:

PeppahMint, cake battah, & salted caramel.


SCHalted Caramel Bars

The sugar-free version of my million dollar aSALTed Caramel Bar. This treat is available in a full slab of 12 servings too.


PUNKin Roll

AH YUM! Perfectly tender pumpkin cake rolled with our stabilized sugar-free cream cheese icing. 



MismaSCHio Cookie

This premiYUM cookie is made with pistachio flour, nut & seed butter, topped with spiced/toasted pistachios and a little dark chocolate drizzle. We also have a plain jane version too!



Amazing fuel bar on the go! Low carb, sugar-free, and delightful! This bar features seven different nuts, peanut butter, and chocolate. Chop or crumble it up to use as a topping on your fave low sugar or keto ice cream.


mmm donutSCH

Mini baked donuts made with Keto organic non GMO Vital wheat gluten.

Flayvahs that alternate: Vanilla and/or chocolate with Cinnamon "Schugar", Glazed, Powdered, or plain. 


SCHpecial donutSCH

SCHpecialty donutSCH are dunked in chocolate and topped with Schprinkles, Coconut, or sugar free chocolates.


ChoccoChiPecan Cookies

Absolutely one of the best keto chocolate chip cookies you'll enjoy, evah! ChefMitchie worked on this recipe for three years before introducing it to her Keto pals. 


Krsipie Mitchies

These 100% gluten-free, sugar-free, low carb marshmallow treats are just what you have been missing. While not keto friendly, as they're made with brown rice cereal, they will satisfy that salty & schweet tooth.


Gooey BUTTAH Cake

This dense, decadent treat is unbelievable. Made with almond and coconut flours then topped with a sugar-free cheesecake. Also available in full size to serve 12.


OhEmGee Brownies!

Dark and “fudgey” brownie made with black onyx cocoa and imported no sugar added dark chocolate. Flayvah shown is topped with Caramel and sugar-free coconut candies.

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