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Edible Treat Wrapper

This project is adorable and edible. In just a few easy steps you'll be making portable completely edible treats for any occasion!

In Honor of Harry Potter's birthday, ChefMitchie whipped up some Shimmering Pink Coconut Ice and nestled them up in a delicious wrapping.


Non-slip cutting surface or foodsafe gridline mat Treat base (cake board, or other food-grade safe padding)

Treat(s) (for this project I used my Shimmering Pink Coconut Ice recipe - below)

Treats should be ready to go and their bases already precut/sized. Make bases just a bit wider than the treat. Place one sheet of wafer paper atop cutting surface, ensuring completely even for a straight cut. Line up treat base and measure where cut should be. Make your cut with a precision knife or scissors evenly down the middle, now there are 2 strips of wafer paper. (save excess for later).

Chef's Note: for this project a low moisture treat is best.

Take two strips of cut wafer paper and lay them in a "plus sign" pattern. Slightly dampen paintbrush from water container. in center make one to two sweeps with brush and adhere 2 strips together. Takes just a few seconds for wafer paper to adhere.

Chef's Note: brush should not be dripping, tap side of brush or squeeze out excess.

Place treat atop center of "plus" sign. Gently wrap one end over the treat, then do the same with opposite end; treat should look like it's nestled in a tunnel. Use scissors to make 2 cuts opposite one another (see last pic in slide).

Interlock the strips. Use scissors to trim off excess. Repeat step 4 with remaining sides. When complete treat will be neatly tucked away in it's edible wrapper. Use excess pieces to make edible ornaments for decorations, we made a bow!

Wasn't that fun? An easy and truly unique way to present your handmade treats!

More Chef NOTES:

  • Make your treat base edible too, use 2-3 pieces of wafer paper adhered together for a sturdy base. (be sure it can withstand the weight of your treat, add more wafer paper if needed.

  • Wafer paper has a great "work time", however I recommend your working area be low humid and hands are dry. Wear gloves :)

  • Treat packages can be refrigerated; climate should not produce condensation and treats should not be near products that cause moisture/absorb.

  • Don't forget to share, we love to see your creations!

Download a copy of ChefMitchie's Coconut Fudge Recipe here:

Mitchies Coconut Fudge
Download PDF • 214KB

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