How to make tri-colored macarons

Tri-Color Macaron Recipe

Make tri-color macarons at home. ChefMitchie shares her recipe and … Sign up for blog updates and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more DIY fun!

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How to make keto pho

Keto Friendly Pho

Keto friendly pho is with noodles?! ChefMitchie shows us how to create the ultimate keto friendly dish at home. Follow us for more food recipes.

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Keto Friendly Cream Tart

Can the Dessert Trend of 2018 be Keto Friendly? You’ve seen it right, but can it be keto friendly? The cream tart in the shape of hearts, numbers and bold type initials decorated with peaks of cream, flowers, and fruit? It’s the latest craze to storm social media news feeds. Most tarts are made with …

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keto friendly desserts no bake cookie dough

Keto Edible Cookie Dough

Keto friendly desserts? Got the Munchies for something sweet… but you’re LCHF. Check out this keto friendly no bake cookie dough. Perfect and satisfying.

Cake Decorating MUST HAVE Tools | Mitchies Munchies

Let’s chat about cake decorating must have tools. Cake decorating tools are ever changing, though most are disposable/replaceable there are some we cake artists need to get as much mileage from as possible. Paint brushes are my bugaboo. I seriously have hundreds of food safe paint brushes to choose from in my cake decorating arsenal. …

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