Hi Friend! I might be a day early for a cake #TBT (throwback Thursdays, just in case you don’t speak hashtag/pound sign). Better early than late I say. Most of my cake pals and clients know I don’t make froo-frooey cakes often, but when I do they still have my touch of uniqueness. Unless it’s a food cake, it’s not quite concise, and that’s ok! I always tell my students when creating edible art with inspiration (and permission, if possible) from another artist, be sure to let your own style show through.

In 2015, Cake Central Magazine invited me to create a tutorial inspired by Artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini. He was an Italian sculptor and architect born in 1598. His art was dramatic and eloquent in baroque style. I had my heart set on his art within St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. I wanted to interpret a “stained glass” through isomalt, similar to “Dove of Peace”, which is in part of the “Cathedra Petri” (Throne of St. Peter). It’s surrounded by cherubs and rays of light, cast in bronze, embedded in the center of the alabaster windows is a white dove measuring 6 feet wide. The Dove overlooks Bernini’s “Baldacchino” (high altar). The dark metal stands over sixty feet high with four columns supporting a canopy embellished baroque style with intricate leafing and scrolls highlighted in bronze.

(photo courtesy of Experiencing the Divine)



St Peter Basilica Cake Mitchies Munchies Las Vegas

For this project I used edible gold color powder in place of bronze and replaced the dark metal(s) with a deep blue. The “stained glass” is created using isomalt and curved to fit a round tier. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a perfect see through panel and then how to use edible powder colors to create a gorgeous finish. Then we’ll light it up from behind the “stained glass”.

Dove of Peace Cake Mitchies Munchies Las Vegas


I created a time lapse so you can watch the “stained glass” come together. For the complete tutorial visit shop.cakecentralmagazine.com/products/cake-central-magazine-volume-8-issue-1-pdf

Dove of Peace St Peter Basilica Cake Mitchies Munchies Las Vegas