Pie art is something I have always admired… from afar. 

Pie art wasn’t really something I had to try before I die until I was challenged last year. Perhaps I should stop accepting these challenges like some caped crusader with hands on hips, HAHA I SHALL DO IT! All joking aside, pie-ing ain’t easy. My first result was HILARIOUS! 


I began following The Pieous on instagram somewhere between last summer and a year prior. Jessica popped into my insta stories one day and I was mesmerized by her process. Eventually I began taking notes, tried buying her book (which I still can’t get a hold of), and made a  goal for myself to paint a pie. One day Jessica made a post challenging her followers to create a Pietrait  – a portrait on pie crust. My opportunity was now a challenge with a deadline. For anyone that knows me well, you may recall I have a poor sense of time management when it comes to competing and collaborating. I am a procrastiBaker at times. I think it’s the anxiety thrill of coming through before the final timer goes off. Does the phrase it’s not a race it’s a sprint apply here?


My first challenge was deciding on a portrait. Sloth from The Goonies popped into my head, this was going to be hilarious! A more organized pie artist would have sketched out a design or written down their plan of action. Me, well I grabbed a busser bucket and filled it with supplies from my studio I knew would be necessary from color to silicone molds! Various paintbrushes were used and quite a few modelling tools. I printed out some inspiration photos to help keep my design somewhat on track. This was fan art, so I wasn’t too concerned with being absolutely concise.


HOWEVER, my first pie was a disaster. It was under baked, not enough filling, and Sloth’s head shrunk! 

first attempt at pie art












Back to square one, I decided I should print Sloth’s bust onto acetate with my edible printer instead of free handing the face like I did on first pie. This process is known as an edible transfer, a technique I learned by accident in my younger cake days, circa 2010ish. A piece of edible paper still attached to it’s acetate got stuck to a piece of rolled out fondant, when I removed it the wet ink had transferred onto the fondant and I was mind blown.


Have you ever played with silly putty? When applied to newspaper images and articles, silly putty picks up the image, then you can stretch and distort it. Yes mindless hours of fun when cellphones and video games were not as popular yet. I Digress! Kara Shall from Hen and Chicks later made this method more popular, calling it The Fondant Tattoo Method.


try not to laugh at this hideous cake from 2010

Try not to laugh at this hideous cake from 2010.













Ok, now we’re rolling! I won’t bore you with more reading, watch it come to life and listen for my reaction when I put pie together… it’s me really being genuinely excited! Thanks again for the challenge Jessica. I just picked up some pie dough mix from XO Baking Co. I may have to try some pie art again this weekend!



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