1. Piano Cake


“Can you make a piano cake?” My initial reply was I would love to!


Never making a piano cake before I knew my confidence was up for the challenge. My advice, when making any cake, is to grab a good old fashioned sketch book and #2 pencil. I am old school and love to thumb through old sketch books later to see how far my designs have progressed. PLUS, you get to color with markers, pencils, etc., a great stress reducer. 


Research the real deal is my second piece of advice. 


I used Google to search piano parts and blue prints. Although I knew some of the components that made a piano, I learned the long stick thing that holds up the lid is called a long prop. OH, and the lid is a cover or a top board.


For my piano cake, my client needed just a few servings. Rather than make a large piano and waste servings, I opted to slim down the body and make the cover inedible. Protecting cake and to help design look cohesive, the top board and long prop are faux materials covered in edible medium.


“The legs … were my personal nightmare.”


piano parts

Image courtesy of Music Partnership

Before attaching cake board base to wooden leg dowels, I should have covered legs with fondant. The task was truly difficult afterwards, wrapping fondant around the dowels. Unfortunately, I gave in and painted the dowels with edible watercolor and gave each leg a small amount of black fondant to mimic caster.


Other materials to make lyre posts were wooden cocktail sticks, pedals and pedal box were gum paste. Later I realized I forgot the petal rod; it was so thin I did not locate it on my workbench until after the delivery. UGH, facepalm. My favorite part of this cake are the keys, though tedious to create, it was satisfying to place all eighty-eight individually as seen on a piano’s keyboard. 


Now a true pianist or piano maker may be asking how I created the sound boards, dampers, tuning pins, bridges and strings? Hand painting details onto white fondant before attaching to cake was ideal for client’s budget and time allowed. Otherwise, everything would have been crafted in gum paste days in advance for concise placement. I would even have made a piano bench and functional fall board.


To finish off my piano cake I added a music rack made of gum paste with wafer paper sheet music I hand detailed with an edible black marker. I regret not taking more time for the sheet music to make it playable; next time I will write notes to music that match the party theme. Edible food lacquer gave the shiny veneer like exterior you would see on a baby grand. I really enjoyed the challenge of this cake project and look forward to making another very soon. Contact me to order yours today! 


Some of the tools I used to create my piano cake can be found inside my Amazon Influencer shop:

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