Perfect Gluten Free Cosmic Brownies


Are perfect gluten free cosmic brownies a possibility? Yes, they sure are. I turned to some gluten free baking experts over at XO Baking Co. and found quick solutions.

Brownies are a classic hand held snack, the chewier and chocolatey-er the better I always say! What if you have a gluten intolerance or you’ve adjusted to a preference of enjoying the gluten free side of foods? Do delicious gluten free brownies exist? My friends over at XO Baking Co. make an incredible line up of gluten free and rice free products. And guess what, they have a brownie mix!

This mix did not disappoint, The dry mix calls for three fresh ingredients, instructions are easy to follow, and baking time was a cinch. As I poured the brownie mix into the bowl I got super excited to see huge chocolate chips. The cocoa scent was intoxicating, I couldn’t wait to get these baked asap.

I didn’t stop at just having brownies, I turned mine into Cosmic Brownies; a scrumptious treat from my childhood. Some other recipes recommend adding baking bits for the topping, but you can use any sprinkles you desire. Choose a mix that is bright, does not contain hard candy, and is melt in the mouth worthy.



I was very impressed with XO’s ready to use brownie mix; above all it was very easy to use and the taste was perfect. Looking forward to trying their other products. I snagged their scone and biscuit mix, thinking we should bake up some Welsh like cakes? mmm I am ready.

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