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Such an honor to be featured in print, television and the world wide web.  ChefMitchie can proudly say “as seen on” as she has made multiple appearances on national television, local news segments, and competed on Food Network. She’s been interviewed not only for her artistic edible creations but her efforts with non-profits; such as Icing Smiles, Inc.

Please take a look at some of the smiles Chef Mitchie has created here and where her work has taken her so far.

featured in

Between the Pages-Where pop culture and food meet– Help! Superheroes Are Taking Over My Wedding Cake!

BTPBlog – Edible Star Trek 3D Chess

BTPBlog – The Governor’s Victim’s

BTPBlog – Beware of Dementors This Halloween

Cake Central Magazine September 2015 – Fashion Issue Vol 6, issue 4

Cake Central Magazine January 2017 – Bernini Inspired Issue Vol 8, issue 1

Cake Geek Magazine – Christmas Gingerbread Houses …And a Magical Christmas Village

CAKE WRECKS  Sunday Sweets Edition “Steam Punk”

Edible Artists Network – Marley’s at the Door

Geek Virtue – 8 Stunning Geek Wedding Cakes

Global Geek News – Awesome Batman Cake
Icing Smiles – Sugar Angel on Smile Patrol

KSNV News 3 – Depressed Cake Shop Las Vegas

Las Vegas Review Journal – Private Cake Artist

Las Vegas Review Journal – NLV Baker receives Grant…

Little Vegas Wedding – Halloween Wedding Rescue
MSN.com – Truly Magical Harry Potter Cakes
Nevada Pageant Magazine  “Fashion Meets Food” pg 52, 53
Radio.com – Superheroes Surprise…
Rock ‘n Roll Bride – Married at Neon Graveyard
Satin Ice  – Heroes at Work…
Sin City Chocolate Festival – “World class pastry and chocolate talent…”
Vegas Morning Blend – New Years Sweet Treats
Vegas Morning Blend –  Thanksgiving Last Minute Desserts
Vegas Morning Blend – National Cheesecake Day
Vegas Morning Blend – Keto Friendly Treats

Featured In

Artistic Collaborations

one goal + edible medium artists from around the globe = Delicious Art 

ChefMitchie has been invited to collaborate with an assembly of artists from all over the world. It’s a unique way to bring 50+ artists into one place for one reason and make it look cohesive without ever leaving their home countries.  ChefMitchie loves participating and spreading her sugar wings into themes and realms she’s only ever imagined.

"Taylor's Wishes" Cake Masters Magazine June 2015

“Taylor’s Wishes” Cake Masters Magazine June 2015

Simi Cakes: Torch Team Collaboration

Optical Illusion Collaboration

Cake: The Final Frontier

Fantastic Beasts of Birthday Mischief a Mitchies Munchies Production

Shut Your Pi Hole

Back to the 80’s Sugar Love

Colette Peter’s Birthday

Santa’s Passport 

The Sugar Peanuts Gang

Cake Central Magazine Fashion Week

Sugar Skull Bakers 2013, 2014, 2015,  2016,  2017,  2018,  2019

Sugar Spooks 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016201720182019

Many Faces of Renshaw

Birthday Mischief Managed a Mitchies Munchies Production

Back to the Future Collab: BTTF 30th Anniversary

Sugar Myths and Fantasies

The Veiled Sugar Artists

The Baking Dead

Christmas In Frostington

Steam Punk Sugar Geeks


HIStory Told in Cake

Icing Smiles State Fair Exhibit

Bake A Christmas Wish

Pin Up Girls Collab

Christmas Around the World