Had an opportunity to create a Fargo themed cake topper for Simi Cakes Annual Isomalt Collaboration. Originally Sidney asked us to recreate a scene from a winter movie. Piece of cake! What better wintery scene is there than one from the original movie Fargo (1996)? The entire movie is all snow and ‘malfeasance’.


SPOILER ALERT (if you haven’t seen this flick, scroll a bit to get to the better stuff!) The scene I chose is when Carl Showalter (Steve Buscemi) buries the ransom suitcase. He uses an ice scraper to dig a hole in the snow. Now for those of you that live in warmer climates that may not know what an ice scraper is here’s the sweet and condensed description: plastic blade with a plastic handle that you use to chip ice and snow off your windshield and freeze your catookus off while doing it. After burying his bounty he looks around and sees that everything looks the same. To remember where he left it he uses the scraper as an “X marks the spot’.




The scraper is freestanding (no internal structure) and life size; ten inches high. I used just a little over a pound of pre-cooked isomalt tiles and food coloring gels from Chefmaster to dye the handle and white snow. The handle is pulled and shaped while the blade was created by making a cast into food safe molding silicone. (Sidenote: you’ll want to use a quality food safe silicone to keep your isomalt creations crystal clear and free from pitting. I use this).

Fargo Ice Scraper Cake Topper

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