Custom Cakes, ANY Occasion Cakes in Las Vegas, NV

Cakes in Las Vegas that are unique and outrageous are created by Mitchies Munchies.
From birthdays to weddings, to ANY occasion. In Mitchaneeze we pronounce cake Schmake.
Chef Mitchie, our Cake and Sugar Artist really loves what she does, thru edible medium 
she builds beautiful, sometimes realistic, and mind-bending creations. Elite Yelper Jay F. says, whether your cake vision is a character or something abstract, it will be a work of art.”  
custom cakes mitchies munchies las vegas
We love getting to know our clients. Something we really like to incorporate in our creations is personality; adding a personal memento to your custom design makes it much more memorable. Do you have a favorite food you want replicated? A special memento you share you’d like to see with your cake? We can create edible pictures from your personal photos. Birthday cakes are just the beginning – you can make a cake for ANY occasion. Perhaps you’d like to surprise everyone with a gender reveal? or need a smash cake? Everyone deserves a cake for their celebration and there’s no better way than to celebrate with an over the top, show stopping, jaw-dropping, one they won’t forget custom cake!  Check out our awesome work below and flavors HERE.

Mitchies Munchies can coordinate your cake delivery with your favorite nightclub or daypool.

Let’s get your vision and our imagination together and we’ll marry them and make a beautiful cake baby!
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HERE are birthday cakes we’ve created for the younger crowd!

HERE are baby shower cakes, graduation cakes, gender reveal cakes, all Celebration cakes!

HERE are Birthday cakes we designed with a feminine touch.

HERE are Birthday cakes we’ve created with a masculine touch.

HERE are Wedding Cakes we’ve created.

HERE are cakes we’ve created for celebs, nightclubs, and more…


HERE is the wilder side of ChefMitchie’s cake art (must be 18 or older to enter).