Let’s chat about cake decorating must have tools.

I rinse my brushes and place them upside down in a jar so the bristles don’t lose their shape.

Cake decorating tools are ever changing, though most are disposable/replaceable there are some we cake artists need to get as much mileage from as possible. Paint brushes are my bugaboo.

I seriously have hundreds of food safe paint brushes to choose from in my cake decorating arsenal. You can check out my recommendations here in my Amazon Shop! Cleaning them is a total PITA, I know you hear me on this. In a perfect world we’re rinsing and shaping our brushes straight away. Come on – if you’re a caker like me you’re likely going a mile a minute or procrastiCaking.

Usually, as I’m cleaning my studio I give the brushes a thorough clean. BUT ugh, sometimes the jar is so full I just don’t wanna! Or I’ll clean all the brushes and still have residual color in the brushes, sad face.  There has to be an easier way? There is!

I saw this make-up brush cleaner floating around on Facebook. So I ordered one. Holy crow, it works, I mean totally 100% cleans the bristles right to the ferrule. (the metal part that holds the “head” of your brush).



I am going to show you how easy it is to use.

Tools I use and trust are in my Amazon store, if you shop with me I may earn a little commish, which helps me to replenish my own supplies and continue to be creative! www.amazon.com/shop/mitchiesmunchies

Grab your brush cleaner here











 I love this set by Innovative Sugarworks!


Don’t forget the best brush soap ever!



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