Cake Classes and Tutorials- where is ChefMitchie?


The Mitchies Munchies Cake SCHkool; we bring cake classes to you!

*UPDATE: all in person classes have been temporarily placed on hiatus due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We will begin booking in person classes again once the #Stayathome campaign has been lifted.


Learn from the comfort of your own home or studio/bakery with one of ChefMitchie’s full color PDF booklets or LIVE online demonstrations. Click on the below links to learn more, reserve your spot, and purchase booklets. And join our online community where you will find recipes, DIYs, LIVE CAKEducation, giveaways, and more.

Realistic Shipping Box Cake previously recorded DEMO, includes a full color PDF guide and more!

Faery Garden Neighbor Cake previously recorded DEMO, includes a full color PDF guide and more!

Lock’s of Wafer PDF Tutorial Guide

Toy Hamper Topper PDF Tutorial Guide

Sweet Peas Sugar Flower PDF Tutorial Guide



Check out ChefMitchie’s Amazon Store – you’ll find many products she uses in her personal arsenal of cake tools and equipment. #IgotItonAmazon

Organize and cake decorate like a pro!

Organize and cake decorate like a pro!

Purchase from some of our fave vendors, be a name dropper for cool discounts while supporting ChefMitchie’s ability to create donation cakes!

Wouldn’t it be fun to learn some cake decorating tricks, like what you see on television?  Whether you are a seasoned baker, feeding your hobby, or just getting started – ChefMitchie has some fun projects to share with you.  And best of all THEY’RE FREE!

Click on Any of the links below to see ChefMitchie’s tutorials, blog contributions, and more.


ChefMitchie’s Diary of a Brush FiendInnovative Sugarworks


Mitchie Sells SeashellsInnovative Sugarworks

Get creative with isomalt!


Check out ChefMitchie’s Fargo inspired Cake Topper created with Simi Isomalt.

ChefMitchie designed a RAD Sushi Mold set for Decorate the Cake.  In the following tutorial series you’ll see how easy it is to use each mold and how versatile the product of food-grade silicone is.  And bonus! Designer and owner of Decorate the Cake, Glenda, created a Sushi Mat which ChefMitchie had the opp to test drive and she shows you how it went.

  • Ebi Sushi and Rice Mound
  • California Roll
  • Nori Seaweed Wafer Paper
  • Salmon Roll
  • Sushi Mat

Shimmering Pink Coconut Ice Recipe; adapted fromThe Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook“.


Since we no longer offer cake pops on the menu Chef Mitchie uses the HCP Roller to make appetizer meatballs!


And Bonus – Bling Cake Pop Sticks Create cake pop sticks that stand out from the rest!

  • Cute Wafer Paper Garland for your cake tiers.
  • Lilac Wafer Paper Rose Cake Pop
  • Edible Wafer Paper Envelopes
  • Dad Edible Frame

One of our fave cake deco must have products is Decorator Gelatin check out all of this fun stuff ChefMitchie has created so far:

  • Vampire Teeth
  • Roe Sushi
  • Logo Toppers
  • Neon Relish
  • Mini Eyeballs
  • Football Cupcake Topper
  • Illuminated DECOgel Lights
  • Edible Cobblestone

How to age an edible leaf with edible powder colors.


Some of the links are affiliate. It’s a great way to pay homage for helpful content, and I appreciate it so much. The small commissions allow me to replenish my supplies so I can continue to be creative and have fun!