Munchies (Schnaks) can be tailored to fit your theme, party, shindig, company event, soiree, you name it. Show off your spirit with some Schnaks dressed in your company or school colors. Perhaps you’re in need of tasty custom favors? We can totally do that. It’s a special day, someone could use some cheering up, or just because? Send a scrumptious Schnak platter! Local Las Vegas, NV delivery is available.
When my cousin and I were much younger we emphasized our conversations with a “SCH” at the beginning…“Eh, time Schmime!”  I commemorate our childhood by naming all of my treats in a similar faSCHion or Mitchaneeze if you will. Schnaks…shhhhh-naks.
All of our Schnaks are made with the freshest of ingredients.  Our chocolate is imported from Sweden, “It is the most amazing chocolate I have ever tasted in my entire existence.”, – Chef Mitchie  Sure you can bring donuts or cupcakes to your next boring schmoring meeting, but you’re certain to get more smiles (Schmiles) with some parfait cups or s’mores on a stick.  I’d remember that cat’s name that brought Schnaks!! 
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SCHpecial thanks to the following for their amazing contribution of photos of our products…you make them look as delicious as the day we made them!
We are not a walk-in bakery/sweets shop. All of Chef Mitchie’s edible creations are custom-made, fresh, per order. Advanced order and payment in full is required.  The more notice the merrier, although Chef Mitchie has been known to make cake miracles happen.
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